Legends Outdoor is a Mid-Atlantic, regional billboard company offering our customers premier outdoor advertising locations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Our goal is to provide our customers with dynamic and quality outdoor advertising opportunities while excelling in client relationships and customer service.

Legends Outdoor currently owns and operates over 100 Out Of Home (OOH) advertising faces. Our coverage area extends over 300 miles from Virginia to the Lancaster region of southeastern Pennsylvania through the panhandle of Maryland and into south central and western PA as well as the entire Morgantown, West Virginia region.

We welcome you to browse our web site and view our inventory locations and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us. Whether you are a local business searching for a single display or a national brand looking to compliment your media mix, Legends Outdoor is here to help and serve you every step of the way!


Take your advertising to the next level with digital outdoor advertising. These eye-catching displays feature static images, much like traditional billboards, but allow advertisers to rotate their messages. Colors are vibrant, images are crystal clear, and the rotating ads keep viewers engaged.


Wrapped posters offer even greater copy area than 30-sheet bleed posters by converting a standard 30-sheet poster panel into a 300 sq. ft. painted/printed vinyl surface, affording a copy area measuring 12’3” H x 24’6” W. Premiere Panels are perfect for placing a long-term message on a specific location or to use in a Rotary Program. The main benefit of purchasing Premiere Panels is the cost savings on production costs.


Feel free to contact us with business inquiries or with any general comments.

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